Ultimate Guide to Selling a House for Cash

Selling a house can be a very daunting process, especially when you're going through it all for the very first time and you don't know what you can expect. There are lots of "sell house for cash" companies that buy houses as well as real estate agents who can put your house on the market and bring in potential buyers for you. On top of that, you have those "buy ugly houses" companies that are constantly sending you flyers.

If you're trying to figure out which option will work best for you, all you have to do is decide on the aspect of the process that's most important to you and your needs. If you're looking for the highest purchase price then a traditional sale through a real estate agent may be your best solution. If, however, time is a big factor, cash home buyers will be the fastest path that you can follow.

The process of selling a house for cash

The process is much simpler than you're most likely imagining when you go for the sell house for cash option and you won't go out of your mind as you work your way through it. The first step is determining the value of your house and a real estate agent can make sure that you're asking the fair market value of your home. Once you find cash buyers, you'll just have to get proof of their funds in the form of an earnest money deposit.

Once you accept an offer that's close to the amount you're asking, it's just a matter of getting through the legal process of signing contracts, getting a home inspection, clearing escrow, and closing. If you have multiple buyers lined up for your property, you're more likely to get top dollar for your final price. Once again, this is where our real estate agent can help you out with cash sales.

Property Investment Cash buyers

There are lots of different cash buyers and not all of them are going to come from your local market when you're working on your home sale. Many real estate investors will contact you with cash offers for a quick cash sale that will get your property sold in a fraction of the time it usually takes. These are typically "as is" sales for a person or company that will turn your home into a rental property.

While you'll get a hassle-free sale from cash homebuyers who invest in properties, and your offers, your offer will be on the low end of what you're asking. Most cash buyers who invest in property are looking for real estate that gives them the highest profit and that begins with the sales price. That includes companies that buy ugly houses and try to work directly with sellers, as opposed to a traditional real estate agent.

What does it mean to sell a house for cash?

If you bought your home through the traditional listing process, and for the full purchase price, you might not fully understand what buying a house for cash means. While the open market is going to have the most to say about your purchase agreement, most money transactions with cash will be a lower amount. That's because the process is much simpler and moves along faster than a mortgage sale.

While you'll still get a fair price, you won't have to deal with mortgage approval from a bank when you go with a cash homebuyer. Using cash is a way for buyers to save money and make the process easier for the real estate attorney. Once you find a cash buyer, the full amount for the house simply gets transferred from their bank account to yours and that's it.

I might be interested in selling. What should I expect if I respond to an ad?

The Southern California area, especially around Los Angeles and Pasadena, is extremely hot in the real estate world and that means homeowners are seeing lots of ads and mailers from people who want to buy their homes. Many of these ads are from buy-and-hold investors who simply want to buy the property as quickly as possible and sell it once the property value increases to the level they want. You can think of it as a trade-in service where the buyers hope to get a property for a low cost and trade it in for a profit later on.

Home sellers who respond to these ads will be talking to house flippers with large cash reserves that typically come from a parent company of some kind. These companies will have to consider all the repair costs they'll have to cover before they can flip the property to other traditional buyers. The biggest benefit will be a lack of financial difficulties and the buyer will often cover closing costs to complete the sale quickly.

No repairs or home staging

When you want to sell your property free of any hassles then selling for cash will work very well for you. The buyer will be investing in your property so you won't have to carry out any repairs or stage it to entice a traditional buyer. They'll typically cover the escrow fees, as well, making things very easy for the home seller. There's no loan origination so you won't have to make the property appealing to a mortgage company.

All of that will also come with a lower price for your home, so it's important to do your due diligence in making your decision on how to sell. If you have multiple competing offers then that might not be a problem for you. As long as the deal falls within your expected sales numbers, it will be the best way to sell your home.

Steps to selling your home for cash

When you're selling in Southern California, you're going to have plenty of companies with investment strategies based in your area. You can typically check out a company website for any entity that's giving you a cash offer and you should always check it out. Consider the estimated cost of going through a traditional sale real estate agent with a mortgage and the amount of time you'd be saving with a cash buyer.

Selling for cash will also take away the need for any financing contingency steps that a mortgage can sometimes bring you. Whether you're selling your home or rental properties, cash is always going to be a faster and easier process than going through a bank. Real estate companies that buy with cash want the process to move quickly and easily, so you'll be able to conclude the sale much faster.

Why are cash home buyers advertising to me?

Cash buyers are extremely active in the Southern California area because the real estate is selling for very high amounts and investment companies want to get in on the action. Cash buyers will buy your house for cash as an investment and will typically cover closing costs to make the sale happen quickly. As long as they're offering a fair market value for your home, you're not going to find a better way to do it.

You don't have to be actively looking for a home buyer for these companies to reach out to you. They simply try to contact homeowners in the area where they want to invest and offer to buy your house for cash. Other homes in your neighborhood will typically get the same offers from cash buyers, so you don't have to worry about it being a scam.

How do I figure out how much my home is worth?

When you're looking for cash home buyers, it's important to know how much your house is worth and there are a few different ways that you can do it. The fastest way is to simply use an online calculator that lets you know the value of your home, but these are typically estimates for a cash buyer to consider. Your best bet is to hire a professional home appraiser who can give you a solid number for the people who want to buy your house for cash.

Another fast way to estimate the value is to simply look at other homes in your area and use the average to determine what yours is worth. Once again, this will be an estimate of the value and not a true valuation of your property. If you want that, a real estate agent is the best way to find out a specific number that's accurate to your property and not just the neighborhood.

Time to Close

Closing time comes after you've gone through the entire process of selling your house for cash and all earnest money deposit transactions have cleared. You'll need real estate agents for the final signing and you'll know the market value of your home at this point. It's important to decide on closing costs before you sit down to sign, so everything goes smoothly, but that will be part of the contract.

The cash buyer will typically be present, but you don't have to be there for the actual signing of documents. You can sign yours beforehand so you don't have to make the trip to the real estate attorney's office. This is the end of the selling process and the final task before the title is transferred and the money is deposited into your account.

Is selling to a cash buyer a good idea?

When you get down to it, the selling process is always going to be easier when you have a cash buyer with the finances to buy houses outright. You don't have to worry about making your home look attractive to multiple buyers and repair costs will typically be taken care of by the person or company that you're selling to. That's because these sales are usually made as investments.

These buyers will have the earnest money deposit it takes to get the process moving and, as long as you carry out your due diligence, you'll be working with a reputable person or company. You can sell your house quickly and waive any service fee that you would usually be paying to a mortgage company. It should always be a consideration, especially in the Southern California area where real estate investments are a high priority.

How do you sell your house to a cash buyer?

Cash buyers can come from individuals who plan to live on the property or who simply buy houses to flip them for a profit. Many companies buy houses with cash, so you can expect to have plenty of offers, even when selling on your own. If you prefer to have experienced people to help you through your cash sale, real estate agents can sell your house for cash, just like they can do with a mortgage buyer.

It will ultimately be much easier to work with a company that can buy your house for cash and close quickly. They have the experience it takes to move through the process and get everything where it needs to be on time. The open market will determine most of your home's value, but deciding what your time is worth to you will also have an impact on your decision to sell for cash and close the sale quickly and easily.

Sell your Home to a Cash Home Buyer

Selling your home to a person or company that buys houses for cash can be the solution you've been looking for. Cash legit offers will come with a sales contract that has few, if any, contingencies to get your property sold quickly. Some companies buy houses for cash as a way to invest in the area and they can provide a very smooth process.

You won't have to worry about staging your home or open house events. Just make sure you know the fair price for your property and start considering offers. It's the perfect option for a fast sale!

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